Stretch Goals!, New Digital Tier!, PAX! and More!

Stretch Goals!

We were hesitant to reveal our stretch goals until we met our funding target, but due to a lot of requests, we’ve let the cat out of the bag.

There’s been a lot of reports lately from developers against even having stretch goals. We have no issue with them ourselves, the scope of our game is truly scalable. The nature of an emergent, simulated system is that new components of gameplay can be slotted into, or taken out of, the structure without compromising the core game systems. This allows us to adjust the game according to any budget, whether it’s our initial target or above.

Another thing we are very careful to do is make sure that any stretch goals have an easily apparent and transparent cost to backers. You won’t see any “added depth!, more polish!” goals on our list. While those statements aren’t necessarily false, more money does allow for more polish and depth to the game, it’s a loose definition that has no weight when you, as our backers, have no real baseline standard to compare “more” to.

So with that in mind we reveal our stretch goals. Like the first one, where we bring on Russell Shaw as our sound designer and composer, each goal is budgeted for the actual costs it involves with a small percentage of contingency to cover unforeseen circumstances.


We’re finally able to announce which languages we are able to translate the game into. This level of funding will allow us to contract an external company that specialises in translation services for games. This would bring Satellite Reign, translated to French, Italian, German, Spanish, Russian and Czech, to gamers around the world.


We know a lot of people want total destruction of the whole city in the base game but we need to be realistic about our budget and not over promise anything we don’t think we can deliver. Solid gameplay is first and foremost so included in the base goal we have destructible objects that are needed for gameplay; vehicles, mechs, small barriers used as cover, that kind of thing.

With this stretch goal we intend to let you wreak havoc on the city. If you can shoot it you can smash it. With the funds from this stretch goal we will be able to hire an additional artist to concentrate solely on effects and destruction of the city. While the bigger buildings won’t be able to be completely levelled you can still blow the hell out of them, setting them on fire and causing ultimate panic. But be aware destruction on that scale is going to bring the hammer of the corporations down on you in a flash.

Russell Zimmerman – Game Writer

Along with the other items in this tier, this funding level will allow us to bring onto the team, Russell Zimmerman; the author of numerous Shadowrun books as well as the writer of our own Satellite Reign Novella. Russell will be able to write the story via in-game dialog, emails, memos and other communication you’ll uncover as you delve into the depths of the corporate networks.

Enemy Factions

More enemy factions will be able to deliver more enemy variety, each faction will have their own aesthetic, personalities, behaviours, weapons, equipment and augmentation preferences to deliver a more varied gameplay experience. On top of that the factions will add a whole new set of missions and story lines associated with them. Stay tuned over the remainder of the Kickstarter where we’ll be introducing each of these factions and how they differ from one another.

City Districts

The new districts of the city will offer completely new and unique architecture from that in the rest of the city. These new art tile-sets increase the depth of the world by giving areas of the city their own distinct flavour. Not only are they visually new districts, but each of the districts in the stretch goals is the territory of the new factions in their respective stretch goal tiers. From the Industrial Docks of the Red Star faction to the Slums, the home of “The Disconnected”.

Multiplayer Cooperative Play

This is the stretch goal that excites everyone on the team the most. Play through the entire single player campaign with up to 3 friends, each player controlling one of the agents for an unparalleled experience. You can almost hear the yelling and hollering over headsets across the world already as the city burns around them.

New Digital Only Tier!

Due to popular demand we’ve introduce a brand new, Digital-Only tier!. At a reduced cost you’ll be able to snag everything in the Resistor tier, minus the T-Shirt for those backers who like to exist only in the digital realms.

PAX Australia (Penny Arcade Expo)

For anyone lucky enough to be going to PAX Australia this weekend down in Melbourne, feel free to say hello to Mitch. He’ll be there as an attendee, sporting a Satellite Reign T-shirt. This will be a PAX exclusive t-shirt and you can pick one up for yourself if you’re quick from Lance and Co at the Black Annex booth, a game any Syndicate fans should be aware of. Be sure to go vote for it on Steam Greenlight, while you’re at it don’t forget to vote for Satellite Reign.

Also on Steam Greenlight, as well as playable at PAX, is a game from our mates Tim and Nart, Assault Android Cactus. Be sure to check it out and have a good bash at it, it looks like a ton of fun.

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