Propaganda Blitz and Twitch

Greetings agents!

Usually the weekends are relatively quiet and since were are knuckling down preparing the coming FINAL weeks onslaught of updates for the Kickstarter we thought it might be time to have our agents do a bit of reconnaissance work for us. After all, what’s the point of running a big evil corporation if you can’t order around your agents?!

Propaganda Blitz

Your mission is to spread the word of Satellite Reign. Enlist new recruits and “persuade” them to part with their hard earned cash! But being gracious overlords we wouldn’t send you out blindly to recruit the masses. If every agent jumps on their Facebook or twitter accounts and helps get the Kickstarter in front of just a handful of new people, we could potentially have thousands more agents in our ranks, allowing us to hit our initial goal and start making good grounds towards our stretch goals! Below are messages for you to send out on your Facebook and Twitter accounts if you don’t want to write messages of your own.


  • “Hello everyone, I have recently supported this awesome game called Satellite Reign on Kickstarter. It is a spiritual successor to Syndicate Wars that is now in the final stretch to meet its funding goal. Have a look at the link below and if you like what you see please consider pledging. Thanks!


Twitch Live Stream

We have also had a few requests for us to play through Syndicate Wars and give a bit of a commentary on it. So this Tuesday we are going to have a live Twitch stream and show off Mikes skills at playing a game he hasn’t played for 15 years :D. We will also have a few of the 5 Lives team around to help answer any questions you have.

Twitch Times:

  • AEST Wednesday 24th July     9am (Brisbane)
  • UTC / GMT Tuesday 23rd July 11pm
  • BST Tuesday 23rd July             Midnight (London)
  • EDT Tuesday 23rd July             7pm (New York)
  • PDT Tuesday 23rd July             4pm (Los Angeles)

(we will send out another update with a link when we are about to go live)

… go forth and multiply agents!