Meet the … Hacker


Behind the scenes is where these fringe dwellers lurk; inside networks and minds is their battlefield. They are the one who’ll get you the information you need, for the right price. You’ll need…The Hacker Agent.

Call on them to bolster your army by filling your ranks with warm bodies to fuel your campaign against the corporate powers. Their skills in “persuading” citizens or even enemy agents to join your side are unparalleled. With fully upgraded “Hijacker” abilities the Hacker becomes a true techno-puppet-master, hacking into their neural augmentations and controlling hoards of citizens or focusing power on a single higher tiered enemy to bring them under your control.

The extent of their talents does not end there. With the ability to hack any system which operates in 1s and 0s or even heartbeats, security systems, alarms, CCTV cameras, power grids, traffic systems, maintenance systems, propaganda platforms, locked doors and more bend at the mercy of their will.

Another favourite tool of the trade is the deployable drone. An upgradeable sidekick whose functions can range from surveillance and routing drones; extending the range of hacking abilities, all the way up to offensive drones; with mini-guns or EMP blasts used to knock out defences and mechs from afar allowing the rest of the squad unfettered access to any corporate facility.

He/she may not be the most visible of your team, but with their aid, any technological or wetwired barrier is but a mere speed bump on the road to taking out the controlling corporate powers.