Is Satellite Reign a sequel to Syndicate Wars?

Satellite Reign is a spiritual successor to the Syndicate games and is being developed by a new team including one of original creators of Syndicate Wars.

What distribution platforms will Satellite Reign be released on?

We are targeting Steam and GOG primarily with the possibility of other services as well.

Will Satellite Reign have DRM?

DRM-Free versions of Satellite Reign will be available to purchase upon release of the game. (Backers will have access to either DRM or non DRM versions).

Will you be releasing on WiiU, Xbox One, PS4 etc?

We aren’t going to rule out the possibility, but at this stage, we’re concentrating on delivering a great experience for PC, Mac and Linux users first and foremost.

Will Satellite Reign have a Multiplayer component?

While we were not able to reach the multiplayer co-op stretch goal in our Kickstarter campaign, we are still counting any pledges we get via PayPal towards our goals.

Can I pledge to your campaign via PayPal?

Pledging has now closed. But you can purchase a copy of the game via the following:


Humble Store

GoG: Coming Soon

I really want a boxed copy of Satellite Reign!

Boxed copies were a limited release for our backers/pledges.
They are no longer available for purchase.