Dev Diary #05

Greetings agents!

We hope everyone had a great holiday! We have all been back in the office for a while and are wrapping up our pre-production phase. Lots of systems and pipelines have been put in place, and the very basics of the game are up and running. The next step in the process is moving into production. First thing is getting a more concrete schedule for the project (based on our pre-production results) with internal milestones and times for contractors to come on-board to help out. We have already talked to a few artists to come on board to help out with weapons, effects, destruction and audio (Remember Russell Shaw from the Kickstarter campaign? :D). We will introduce some of the new team members over the next few updates so you can all get to meet them.


We have been going through everyone’s posts on the forums and have posted some replies based on everyone’s ideas. (Keep them coming … it is awesome getting input from you guys!) We have a new logo for the “Red Star” faction based on some of the comments and feedback from the forums (we still haven’t decided on a name yet, so you still have a chance to contribute ideas).



We also have a bunch more concepts to share. Some of the fancy rich civilians of the city.


The Drone Repair Facility


The Security Facility


What’s next?

Up next on our todo list is getting a whole bunch of weapons, gear and augmentations into the game. We also have a begun adding many of enemies into the game… So we don’t have to keep looking at these guys.


Things are moving full-steam ahead here, and we can’t wait to show off some of the cool stuff we are working on!

Who’s talking about us?

We were quite stoked to find out we made it to #24 on Game Planet’s “The 65 Most Anticipated Games of 2014” List and although it’s quite late notice, the December 2013 issue of Australia’s PC Powerplay magazine (The one with Wasteland 2 on the cover) had a great two page spread on Satellite Reign including some great tidbits on Satellite Reign and Mike’s history at Bullfrog. We have also been mentioned in the Red Bull top 10 Kickstarter games of 2014 and “The Escapist’s” Most anticipated games of 2014 .

Brent is famous!

Slightly off-topic but some of you might remember our Environment Artist, Brent’s Lego Ghostbusters set from our previous updates. Lego announced that after reaching the required 10,000 votes it has now passed internal review and will become a real official Lego set! …nice work Brent 😀


Keep in touch

Keep your comments and suggestions coming on the forums, we do try to keep as up to date as we can with everything you are sending through, and we have just added a new sticky thread to help us decide upon a name for the city.

Jump in, and have your say and we will see you next time!

– 5 Lives Team

PS… we got a new office toy! ;D