Dev Diary #01

Greetings agents,

It has been a while since our last update, but we are all finally in our new office! Yay! We have been having conversations with lawyers and accountants over the last few weeks, as well as looking for an office for us to move into and having a little bit of a break after the Kickstarter campaign. But, we were all rested up and ready for Satellite Reign to consume us, and then all of our bodies decided it was time to revolt, and most of the team fell ill. We have managed to get the majority of us back in the office now but it resembles more of a quarantine zone with all the coughing and spluttering going on. Regardless, we push on!


The office

After inspecting some shoe boxes and some super-fancy places, we found the location that was just right for us, but more importantly, cheap! It’s in a nice area with lots of good food around, a shower (so Mike and Mitch don’t smell after riding their bikes into work) and an amazing pub filled with lots of tasty boutique beers just around the corner. The office itself is a big open plan area with heaps of space that Mitch can use for motion capture (we will have an update on that another day), skylights to let in the outside world, and wonderful aircon to save us from the Australian heat. We are still waiting for the internet to be connected, but for the time being we have Mitch’s phone plugged into the network. We also had a time lapse camera running while we were setting up the office.

What have we been doing?

Searching for an office, talking to lawyers about company structures and copyright law, talking to accountants about all sorts of tax mumbojumbo. We have had a bunch of work started on the backend of the website that will put everyone from the Kickstarter campaign in our system. Once that’s done we will be tracking everyones pledges together and we will be able to offer the add-ons and pledge upgrades that some of you have been waiting for (Most of this should come online in a week or so). We have also started the ball rolling with Russell Zimmerman about the story for the Novella and we already have a rough outline for the story. We have also be getting a few systems started in game: we have some agents walking around and basic weapons and health systems set up so they can shoot each other (well … lines draw from the chest of your agent to the feet of the enemy but functionally it works).


What is next?

We still have a healthy “to do” list to get through before we are all working full steam on the game, but we already have the project set up in Perforce, and are starting to get the basics in so we can started on our stress tests. Over the next few weeks, we will be doing stress tests to determine the size we can make the city in terms of memory and what can actually be rendered. We will also be looking at how many characters we can get on screen, how many polys they can be, how many bones and how many materials we can use. We will also be doing up a first pass production schedule so we can make sure we are all on track. We also get to eat the cake that was sent in by one of our backers … thanks Boon! :)


Will I ever hear from you again?

More updates are coming! We are all moving from “set-up studio” mode and into “make awesome game” mode over the next few weeks.

We won’t be able to post as many updates as we did during the Kickstarter campaign, however we will be keeping you all up to date with our Dev Diaries and we will be on the backer forums chatting to you all.

 – 5 Lives Team