v1.06 Update! Localisation is live!

After a long wait—longer than anticipated—Satellite Reign’s localisation update is finally available!

French, Italian, German, Spanish, Russian and Czech!

In the time since the last update, we’ve moved to a new version of Unity, fixed several AI, navigation and mission bugs, and started altering systems in preparation for multiplayer—so things took longer than expected. We apologise for the long delay.

And—with great timing—the Steam Exploration Sale is also underway, so Satellite Reign is currently at its lowest ever price with 40% off!

For now, we’re hard at work to bring co-op multiplayer to Satellite Reign. We’ll also be updating the Nightly branch with the multiplayer build in the coming weeks so people can try it out and stress-test it, so we’ll make another announcement once that is available.

Thanks again for your patience. We hope you’re enjoying the game!