Steam Early Access is Only Hours Away!

Greetings Agents,

That’s right, at 4:00PM PST, Satellite Reign will be available to play for everyone who pledged for a copy of the game. Not only that, but Satellite Reign will also be available to purchase on Steam Early Access!

So how do you get your copy? We’ll be following the same basic procedure as what we used for the Pre-Alpha backer releases over the past few months. Keys will be distributed by our friends over at the Humble Store. If you already have an account with them which is registered with the same email address you used to pledge, Satellite Reign should already be in your Humble Library. If you don’t already have a Humble account, or if you pledged with a different email address, getting your key is easy.

Head over to the Humble Key Resender, and enter the email address you used to pledge. An email will be sent to that address with a link to claim your key.

Please note that the version of Satellite Reign currently available to download on the Humble Store is still the build we released to our beta backers about a month ago, and will take a day or two to be updated. However, the version on Steam will be the latest build, available as soon as it unlocks.

We did want to give backers access to the Steam build a day early, but unfortunately, it seems Steam Early Access titles can’t be made available to anyone before they release publicly.

With a Steam release also comes the Steam Community features, and so there’s already a Community Hub for Satellite Reign right here.¬†Feel free to jump on the discussion boards, post screenshots, artwork, videos, or whatever else comes to mind.

We’ll touch-base with you guys after that Early Access countdown reaches zero, and we’ve all had a little bit of sleep (still in the office as 3:00AM local time here u_u ).

Thank you all so much for everything you’ve done for us. While there’s still plenty more work to go, we’ve come so far in barely more than a year, and this would have been more than a thought in our heads if you all hadn’t made it possible.

-5 Lives team.

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