Dev Diary #11

Greetings Agents!

The whole team is back in the office after heading down to Melbourne for PAX Aus 2014. What a weekend! While it was exhausting, we met so many awesome people, and it was great to finally meet a heap of our backers, face to face, and just chat about Satellite Reign.

A whole lot of people came by our booth to give the game a whirl, and not only was it nice to hear people’s thoughts, but it was incredibly helpful to see how different people played. Having fresh-eyes on the game has helped the designers make better-informed decisions moving forward.

Speaking of moving forward, we’re currently doing some optimisations to get the next build of the game out, bringing our beta-level backers into the fold. That’s everyone on the ASSASSIN £29/$45 tier and higher. We’re hoping to get it into people’s hands next week. Stay tuned!

To all of our high-level backers at the Director tier and higher (£640/$1000 and higher), Dean sent an email out to you all last week regarding getting your likeness into the game. If you didn’t see the email, please check your spam folder. If it still isn’t there, let us know ASAP. There is a deadline for this in order to fit into our schedule.

Watch this space, we’ll have more info regarding the beta-backer access very soon, as well as some more information on our Steam Early Access release in December, which will be available to all backers!

- 5 Lives Team.