Kickstarter Survey: Backer Kit

Greetings Agents,

Thanks for being so patient! We’ve finally got our backer survey together to start organizing rewards. By now you should have received an email from Backerkit with a link to the survey. This will allow you to give us necessary shipping information, and you will also be able to select any previously paid-for add-ons, and even getting some extras!

Each backer will receive an email with their own unique invite link. It is important that when you receive the survey, you get it back to us as quickly as you can. Our ability to make an order depends on receiving this information. You do not need to make a login and password to fill out your survey, just fill it out and you’re all good to go! If you use your Facebook login for your Kickstarter account, the BackerKit invite will be sent to the email you used for your Facebook account.

If you have another email you prefer it to be sent to, please email

Thanks again for making Satellite Reign a reality!

– 5 Lives Team.