Update to version 0.7 – The C.B.D is added!

We’re on the home-stretch, now! This release sees the inclusion of the final district of the game, the C.B.D, as well as a huge list of other improvements and bug fixes. For a full, very long list, check the “Nightly Build Feedback” forum, but the most noteworthy changes will be listed here.

Also, we said in the 0.6 update that our next major release would also include the boss encounter. Unfortunately, the boss fight is still currently getting another pass, but will be made available in the coming weeks.

In the meantime, there’s still plenty to sink your teeth into.

The C.B.D

Like the Downtown District where you start, the C.B.D is the jurisdiction of Dracogenics. As one of the highest layers of the city, the C.B.D is littered with areas where you can peer down to the tiers below.

Also the entertainment area of the city, there are bars, malls, theatres, and even a convention centre to explore, and wreak havoc on.

Shader Overhaul

Satellite Reign makes use of a PBR material system (physically based rendering), which makes materials react to light in a more physically accurate manner. Some issues in our rendering pipeline have been found and rectified, and now metals look more metaly, plastics look plasticy, and leather looks leathery!

SSRR (screen-space raytraced reflections) has also been tweaked, with reflections being much more prominent in the puddles on the rain-soaked streets.

Gameplay Improvements

Along with general bug-fixes, some gameplay mechanics have been revisited and improved.

Stealth instant kills are now much simpler to execute, allowing you to issue the command regardless of your agent’s distance from the target.

Hijacking no longer withholds a portion of your Hacker’s energy while controlling an NPC, but instead just affects the energy re-gen rate, depending on the strength of the hijacked entity.

Nightly Builds

Some players are already aware, but we’ve been uploading nightly builds of Satellite Reign to Steam for the past several weeks. These builds, as the name suggests, are updated nightly, and contain the very latest changes and fixes we’ve made to the game. If you’re curious to see how things are progressing (and are okay with risking a sometimes unstable build being downloaded to your PC), we suggest opting into the beta to check it out.

To give it a shot, right-click on Satellite Reign in your Steam library, and go to ‘Properties.’ The last tab will be called ‘BETAS,’ and it will have a drop-down list, where you can choose ‘Nightly.’ Click close, and Steam should update your game to the latest build.
So much to do, and so little time! We hope you enjoy this update, and please let us know about issues you come across while playing. We’re all hard at work to get this game as enjoyable and bug-free as possible, and your feedback is invaluable in this process.

– 5 Lives Team